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Putin plays chicken with US farmers—and loses

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A decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin to ban imports on U.S. poultry is leaving folks hungry—just not the ones he intended.

Putin’s move in early August to block American chickens has backfired, sources in the poultry industry say, leaving Russians to pay more at the supermarket for poultry products while American producers remain largely unscathed. The Kremlin put agricultural sanctions in place against several Western nations in retaliation for penalties from the U.S. and European Union following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“The real loser is the average Russian consumer, who is now faced with less choices and increased prices for poultry,” said Tom Super, a spokesman for the National Chicken Council. Poultry prices in Russia have risen about 2-3 percent each week since the ban, according to Super.

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Are tax holidays the best way to promote efficient appliances?

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Floridians in the market for a new appliance this past weekend were in luck. The state was the latest to hold a sales tax holiday for those buying environmentally friendly appliances.

This year, a growing number of states offered sales tax holidays for energy-efficient appliances, even as the overall number of states participating in all types of tax-free weekends dwindled.

So far this year, seven states held events where energy-efficient appliances were exempt from taxes, the largest number since 2010. In the Florida event, appliances had to have either an Energy Star or WaterSense label to qualify.

Politicians often propose these holidays as a way to increase consumer activity and therefore give a boost to the local economy. Tax-reform advocates, however, say these experiments rarely achieve their intended goals.

“The sales tax holidays just happen to shift consumption throughout time,” rather than increase it overall, said Liz Malm, an economist with the Center for State Tax Policy at the Tax Foundation.

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Check out my latest work at

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From time to time, I’ll post articles I particularly enjoyed writing during my stint at CNBC through December. In the meanwhile, you can always check out all of my work directly at

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Making History: 9/11 Museum Exhibit Designer Ricardo Mulero

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Like many New Yorkers, Ricardo Mulero has a September 11th story. He was getting off the subway at Greenwich Village in Lower Manhattan on his way to work, when he stopped to see what a crowd of people were looking at. Just seconds before, United Airlines Flight 175 had crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

Thirteen years later, Mulero has a different perspective on that tragic day, one that has earned him a historic- and prestigious role. Mulero led the team that created the National September 11 Memorial & Museum exhibition, which opened last May. In this capacity, Mulero and his team at Thinc Design worked with the museum team, architects and engineers to help plan the museum’s structure as well as the presentation of the many artifacts remaining from that tragic day.

“Unlike any other history project that I have worked on, it was something that I had been part of,” Mulero told NBC News. “That became kind of interesting.”

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Missed my work from Click here!

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I had a great time reporting for this past summer and can happily say I’m continuing to contribute content when I can to my friends down at 30 Rock. As always, I’ll try my best to post my favorite work here, but in the meantime, click here to see my latest content from NBC News.

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